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Encounter wolves

2019-02-27     Source: Sinopecnews.com


Field works are indispensable in petroleum exploration industry, and for the most of the time, we have to go to places that were remote and desolate and sometimes face unknown risks and danger.


In August 2010, because of a bid the company won for a geophysical prospecting project in a western Asian country, in an early morning one day, I drove a pickup truck with Fu Xianchun, an international purchaser, and Masaliha, an Arabic interpreter, to the construction site for site selection for future exploration.

As we marched on immense and stark Gobi Desert which covered with stones and clumps of withered and yellow plants, the truck was suddenly stuck in the sand and we could not pull it out by ourselves.


I tried to contact my colleagues over 100 kilometers away by my satellite phone, but the GPS signal was not good enough to send our coordinates. After several attempts, we were told that they would not be able to rescue us until the next morning at the earliest.

Instead of just waiting in the car without doing anything, Fu Xianchun and Masaliha decided to go to the village a few kilometers away to seek help from the locals, and I stayed to watch the car. At 9 pm, they still didn't return.


The Gobi Desert at night was extremely silent, and you could not hear anything but the sound of wind blowing in this desolate desert. Suddenly, the sound of howling broke the silence, and I noticed that a dozen green lights resembling to the shape of lanterns were approaching my car. The car was surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Sweated and scared, I rushed into the car, locked it, turned all the lights on including double flashes, turned the music to the maximum volume, and left a small gap in the window in?the hope that wolves might be driven away by loud music.

The wolves were growling, and the alpha wolf kept staring at me threateningly with its jaw open and conspicuous fangs. They tried to?get into my car, and it seemed that they could not wait to devour me. After rounds of attempts to get into my car, they eventually left.


Around 11 p.m, Fu Xianchun and Masaliha finally came back with flashlights in their hands, and they were stunned after what I just had been through. At 5:00 am, shortly after dawn, we stood on the hill and found a house hundreds of meters ahead. There were two gunmen in the house guarding the railroad. They used their mobile phones to help us contact the local people nearby, and more than an hour later, the local people drove a tractor and pull our truck out. Finally, we were rescued.(By Xu Jianfeng)





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